Our mission has been and always will be to educate our clients on what it means to live healthy and vital so that they may feel and look their best. We teach you to do this the way nature intended it--nothing more, nothing less. There are way too many misunderstood and/or misinformed information with respect to health education especially within the commercial establishments and therefore, we want to change this.

It is the birthright of each and every one of us to be in a state of wellbeing each and every day. The concept is to cater our clients specifically to their needs. We have become the place of reference when people speak of natural health as well as a sanctuary, a refuge for our clients. The goal is to provide the client’s wellbeing, mentally as much as physically. A healthy body, a healthy lifestyle.

We want to inspire people in a positive way in order to impact the quality of their lifestyles. Evolve aims to use all its training skills, methods and artistic elements to assist our clients in achieving optimal levels of health and fitness. Our revolutionary and constant evolving methods of education and training in healthy living will make sure to change the lives of all our clients in the most positive and optimistic ways. Our positive drive, spirit and passion are contagious. Our methods have proven to work time and time again and our clients get amazing results and best of all, they are easy and fun to follow on a daily basis and last for life. Our guidelines are unique and innovative. The benefits of following our advices are endless.

At Evolve, we are the unique place whose only goal is to put you all at your best.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to communicate with us. Good health to you!

Meet the team

Mauro Simonetti N.D., CFNC, K.in.
Founder and CEO

Mauro Simonetti is a Naturopath N.D. with numerous specializations: Physical Fitness Therapy, Hormonal Modulation Practitioner Level 2 in BioSignature and certified Strength and Conditioning Coach in PICP Levels 1 & 2 with Poliquin Institute. He is also a medical consultant for Nutritional Fundamentals for Health (NFH) for all of Quebec and Atlantic Canada. He is also a graduate of Sports Management Worldwide and has obtained a certification in Hockey Management & Scouting. Mauro also has many years of sports experience having played hockey, soccer and martial arts for the majority of his life. With his many years of experience in training combined with his multiple degrees in various specializations, he has managed to combine some innovative methods which have set new standards in structural balance, exercise assessment, nutritional planning, fitness instruction, natural medicine practice and rehabilitation training. Mauro has many years of experience as a Naturopath and has helped thousands of people in his career. It was his association, being so distinguished from his peers, that asked him to develop an English Naturopathy school in Montreal. Hence, the birth of Advanced Naturopathy Institute of Montreal.

He has also conducted countless health seminars, teachings and symposiums for personal and corporate, for coaches and practitioners to share his experiences, knowledge and how to work as a Naturopath. Mauro still continues to proudly help many clients daily to better their lives by guiding and teaching them to live healthier lives. Ultimately, this is his vocation and dream to see a better and healthier future

Kayla D’Aloia, N.D., CFNC, K.in.

Kayla first graduated with honours in Sociology at Concordia University. Having lived a healthy lifestyle for years, she decided to combine both her passions for nutrition and working with people. She began her studies at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and later met Mauro Simonetti N.D. Working alongside Mauro, she had the opportunity to further her studies and knowledge as she gained firsthand experience through his naturopathy guidance.

Kayla has been working with the public for several years and is continuously building strong connections with everyone she meets and helps. Today, she is also a founder and graduate of Advanced Naturopathy Institute of Montreal and is actively working as a Naturopath and Certified Trainer under the Evolve brand out of their home studio gym. Kayla also offers a mindset coaching aspect which involves different techniques to help clients stay on course with their goals and objectives, whatever they may be. Her passion to help others continues to grow and she is always thriving to learn more and constantly finds herself in studying a variety of courses to better herself and perfect her craft of Naturopathy.