Aloe Vera 500 ml

99% pure Aloe Vera. Great orange-tangerine flavour ! Powerful source of antioxidants. Aloe vera gel is used in herbal medicine and herbalism as an emollient to help relieve intestinal problems.

NPN: 80070331

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Aloe Vera 500 ml


Used internally, aloe vera is known to:

Soothe pain due to the irritation of mucous membranes
Accelerate healing of tissues and internal wounds
Stimulate and regulate digestive and intestinal functions
Promote the elimination of toxins
Alkalize the body: regulate gastric secretions and soothe inflammation (acid reflux and heartburn)
Provide efficient action in case of colitis or diverticulitis.

Used externally, aloe vera is known to:

Efficiently soothe sunburns, minor burns and insect bites, cuts and other minor skin irritations
Accelerate the healing of tissues and wounds
Provide antibacterial functions

* A study has shown that taking Aloe Vera for 90 days significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.

Dosage and how to use

Children and adolescents (1 to 17 years old): Consult a health care practitioner.
Adults (18 years and older): 2 tablespoons (30 ml) per day.

* May be diluted in a glass of water or juice.

Expiration and conservation

If needed for more than 3 months, consult a health practitioner.


Consult a health care practitioner before using if you suffer from diabetes, if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.

Do not use if the security seal is broken.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Shake well before use.
Keep refrigerated after opening.

Medicinal (per 15 ml)

Aloe* (aloe vera gel from the leaf)14,8 ml

* Organic certified by OTCO


Water from reverse osmosis, xanthan gum, citric acid, natural flavours of orange and tangerine, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, ascorbic acid, stevia.

* Does not contain dairy products, wheat, gluten, yeast or corn.